Sunday, July 22, 2007

Adrian Grenier knows how to treat his best friend.

When Adrian Grenier played a roll in The Devil Wears Prada, I didnt had much attention to his acting....but! when I was searching for shortfilms on YouTube, I found an awesome shortfilm which he starred, it called the "Across the Hallway". Its kind of old but still great, especially the scenario is well written, so many hidden message; like in the last episode, Terry says to Julian(Adrian) "You probably get your story straight"...

Since I make documentary at my university, it was a nice lecture to see how they took, the color, and so on.

Whoever is interested, Here are the short films!

プラダを着た悪魔の時に出演していたエイドリアン・グリネーは大して僕に印象を与えなかったけど…でも!今日Youtubeでショートフィルムを探してるときに彼が主演で出てるショートフィルムを見つけて、彼の好演に思わず見入ってしまった☆ 「Across the Hallway」と題されたこの映画は、シナリオが本当に上手。背後に隠された意味を知った時はかなり納得できます!
テリーが第3話でポロっと言う"You probably get your story straight"とかね。



Across the Hall (director's cut) Part 1

Across the Hall (director's cut) Part 2

Across the Hall (director's cut) Part 3


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