Thursday, July 19, 2007

Never be Sicko if you want to live in America...

I watched SICKO!! I was pretty pumped to see this film, not only Michael Moore filmed it but had this expectation what is going to be revealed (since I love know...)

I remember when I was in the US, my friends often told me "If you are living here, stay healthy...NEVER GET SICK, got hurt? dude, youre screwed"
It just sounded funny and didn't really take it serious, till I torn my ACL....

I was an exchange student at that time and although I had a health insurance under the name of my university, it didn't really function well. I needed to give an inquiry every time I got the billing from the insurance company; although I just went to see a doctor once and didn't got any pills!

When I asked the doctor for an estimate to reconstruct my ACL, I got an estimate for $3000 for the surgery and said it will cost slightly more adding my rehabilitaiton after the surgery. Of course this was an estimate for an exchange student coverd by the insurance, I don't know how much will it cost for an american. I went back to Japan and took the surgery, it only cost me about $400.

So why is it differ so much? Why does a middle finger cost more than a ring finger when you cut it off both? Is it because the middile finger is a bit longer than the other??

I still love America but just by focusing on this issue, America's health insurance is totally unhealthy. They take this as a business too much...well, Picture(Film) is worth a thousand words, so whoever has a potential to become ill, get hurt, or strongly believes in their government, its worth watching!!








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