Saturday, July 21, 2007

How to make your creative more exposed.

So I was surfing the internet to get some new feature for my Firefox and found a Firefox Add-on which makes Firefox its self as a screen saver; Its called FoxSaver.The pictures are calm and relaxing so maybe good when you just want to chill for a bit.

The pictures are all very high resolution and comfortable to watch.

The Add-on was okay but I got more interested in the photo and luckly there was the photographer's address and so I went to the web site. It was absolutely nice!!!! Creative, nice composition, and beautiful color.
I personally like this one.

Whenever I see digital pictures and find the web site address on the bottom, I always thought it was disturbing the photo. However, like in this case, it actually lead me to a better picture experince. So from now on, I strongly suggest to have your creative portfolio website address on the bottom...with a small small font=)

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