Thursday, August 9, 2007

Symbaloo -a cute interface to easily access the web-

I thought it was very cute and easy to see when I first saw Symbaloo.
It is like a cutomize portal site. You simply add the URL which you want to put in on symbaloo and youre done. There are two things which I think it will be nice if it they can:

1. Shorten the loading time
I thought the default page is already heavy and slow to show up. It took 20 seconds to reload the page, whereas it only took igoogle 5 seconds to reload so if they can improve that i would feel more comfortable.

2. more free customize
I like the interface but if I be a bit more greedy, I want to customize more; like the margines between the cells, choose my own color for each cell etc...

Overall, it is a nice website and feels there are more things they can do=)

只今 二つCMコンペに出しています!よかったら見ていってください☆

Filmo 住宅情報マンションズ-ロックフェス編-

Filmo 住宅情報マンションズ-しりとり編-

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