Thursday, August 30, 2007

The possibility of Scrybe.

Have you experienced you have so many tasks and schedules you have to accomplish but got overloaded by the information and had trouble organizing? well than Scrybe might able to bring you to another step to organize and keep you working=)

On September 1st, I finally got an invitation from Scrybe!
It took pretty long since they were saying the beta version will be released October, 2006.
Think im the edge of the beta version, but well anyway its out now and finally i get to try it myself.

Quoting from their website, Scrybe is

a groundbreaking online organizer that caters to today's lifestyle in a cohesive and intuitive way.

Techcrunch and other alpha blogs ran a story about Scrybe with an expectation that this will be the new standard in office application.

Wired: The Web's Best Calendars

Cnet: Scrybe lives up to the demo

more on their website.

So far, I like the online calendar application that works when you’re offline, too.Its convenient that the app will sync the next time youre online. It has a nice user interface you can use it intuitively. I also think its pretty cool that you can print it out on a paper and fold it into a pocket size. To see more features, you can see it on this video.

I think it will be better if

*I can highlight a certain amount of days that i will be working, doing a particular project or like goin on a trip like "from October 3rd to 11th, in Thailand" and that days will automatically be highlighted in a same color.

*It works with my cell phone since i use it so heavy that it will help me a lot when my schedules will be synced on my cell phone calender.

*Too bad that they werent able to get "" but seems like that domain will expire on Jan 1st 2008 so hopefully they can get that: cuz "" confused me on the first time.

i would like to try this more and report it here.
They have a great feature so its worth tryin it. whoever is interested, you can submit your email address here and they will invite when they reopen the website.

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